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I've always loved learning! Like most people, I learn in various ways. The most common ways include: being taught by a tutor in the formal sense (or by simply watching an expert and imitating what I see); and by trial-and-error, experimenting to find out what works best for me. When I am surfing, I sometimes wonder what I would look like if I could stand on the shore and watch myself. I'm sure I could cut corners in the trial-and-error process that way.

This is where my skill as both a surfer and a photographer comes in. I take still images of and/or film you, so you can analyse yourself, and then make adjustments to improve - grip, foot placement, balance, stance, timing, whatever you want to know is all there.

I find that people are most perceptive when they see themselves as others see them. They become determined to fine-tune their skills, become self-critical, and most of all, self-remedial.

Learning is one thing (that's input); being helpful is another (that's output). When I do both I feel fulfilled.


I film team and individual sports people in this package.

1hr film critique session - 1 person $90

2hr film critique session - 2 - 3 people $180

For team session and day rate prices please contact me

This is a great way to evaluate yourself.

Surf Photography-141

I upload your footage to your password protected gallery so that you and your coach or mentor can critique your performance in your own time.

This service is to help you connect with where your at and where you want to go and a big bonus to this package is capturing your history!


I offer beautiful custom-designed gift certificates which can be posted out or emailed to friends, clients and loved ones. The recipient thus receives a genuine, no obligation, pre-paid gift. Contact for more details.


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Surf Critique Sessions for the Australian Defence Force - Army Surf Riders Association in 2014 and still with ASRA today! I must be doing something right :)

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